AfbeeldingWhen building bikes becomes a passion things get out of hand soon if you think like me. Making my own parts was a logical step for me.Why let someone else do it for money if you can get the satisfaction of winning the initial struggle with the materials and tools and becoming a master at old crafts nearly forgotten.

There is nothing like getting in 'the zone' working at the lathe after a day of uninspiring desk work. Forcing metal into submission to meet my vision, waking up at night after dreaming up the right paint scheme and remembering the next day. That's what it's all about.

And then riding..... any trip empties the tired brain like nothing else.

Old or new technology, for me it's the combination of the two that makes wild things happen, sourcing that one ancient rare part on the web, todays unbelievable paints or improving on an old design through modern electronics. Nothing like that was even thinkable when I was a kid training to be a mechanic.

These are exciting times for the creative and mechanical minded.

Foto by: www.florisvelthuis.comhis blog