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Crooked mule

This bike is for sale!

Earlier on in this blog I told you about my new Suzuki GS 750 project, well that was three years ago...

IMG 2762XXI started on it as a low budget project, well that turned out different. I was gong to fix it up quick and sell it on. It was cheap and has special construction papers, that last thing means a lot more is possible legaly than on a bike with normal papers over here in the Netherlands. It still has to meet normal requirements but wheelbase and a few other things are a bit looser.

The whole low budget easy fix idea went out the window when I find out that there was a lot more wrong with the bike than I thought. I like to try new things when I build for myself, that makes it a bit more of a challenge an I come out smarter in the end.


Some more coverage of  my work in

MCM (Sweden)



Showclas Magazine (USA)



Lots more behind the read more link.

67 Triumph, Project in-between the in-between projects

My 67 Triumph on top of a mountainSince building my silver Triumph, I have been working on other projects, paintwork for other peoples bikes and paintwork for my portfolio and for a show I attended.

I have been working on and off on my GS 750 project that somehow was supposed to leave here again a few months after it came, well it didn't an it's still not finished.
I did not stop it is getting there, but….. stuff happened.  A lot of Triumph stuff happened....

London Motorcycle museum

DSCF0481This summer I visited the London motorcycle museum, if you are into English bikes an especially Triumph this is a place not to miss.
I was in London for a week in May, so I had to visit. Their simple, somewhat dated, but effective website
looked promising so I decided to go and have a look. Part of the museum is named 'the Triumph barn' that was something I had to see.....

Triumph Carb jetting table

for Amal and Mikuni


All stolen from the internet...

How to paint a café racer

_IGP9235A few weeks back I was asked how much it is to paint a logo on the tank of this café bike. A question like that provokes the standard answer "Depends on what kind of paint and design you want, can you send me some pictures of the bike? What are your ideas?"

I have seen this glorious cafe build before on some internet forum. A hotrodded sporty engine with bits cut off relocated oil filter, battery behind the seat, full custom hand built frame with a asymmetrical mono shock on a hand made swing arm. Half Ducati, half sportster. Wild!

Triumph vin decoder 1950 to 1988

Triumph vin decoder after the read more link....

Born Free 4

Probably the best motorcycle event at this time.

Show Class Magazine attended Born Free 4 this year as a main sponsor. From planning to set up, to the show itself, Show Class was there.

This film covers the entire Born Free event. See the bikes, the builders and the awards. And see what goes into making an independent magazine successful.

The complete old Hinckley Triumph FAQ

trident_750This content is stolen from
Since it is not published there any more but still of very good use to early Hinckley Triumph owners I put it back up over here. If anyone has a problem with that, let me know. Excuse the dodgy html code here and there it messes up the appearance here and there.

Oh Crap I'm in Back street Heroes!!

This summer Floris Velthuis did a photoshoot of my Triumph, it ended up in BSH with a huge article! I am really proud of this, not only did Floris make great pictures but he wrote a very impressive article, wow......

Click the image for the bigger picture.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

First Gecko-Kustoms paintjob 1983

pccCheck out this hardcore biker dude, his bike is sporting my first paintjob ever. We were 16 then. This badass coffin tank has a graveyard on the sides and a skull with a tophat on top with hairspray metalflakes burried under clearcoat.

Now this is oldskool baby!!

(Check out the high bars on the bicycle behind him)

New project!

newjunkAfter a pretty busy year in the non motorcycle related department, it's time for a new project. I've been looking around for a while but nothing much came up. A heads up on the Hartail Maniac forum led me to this unfinished GS 750 chop with 'custom built' motorcycle papers. The quality of the build so far is nice but I'll probably tear it apart and make it my own.


bobbersWhat is a bobber? Nearly every bike I see lateley with a solo seat, red powdercoated rims and whitewalls is called a bobber. That's wrong, so wrong..
The term bobber refers to a bob haircut. The original bobbers were functional road bikes that had their fenders 'bobbed' shorter and removed to lose weight every unneccesary part was removed to make the bike faster.

iPad motorcycle GPS navigation

steve-jobs-puts-bmw-_460x0wMotorcycling wit an Ipad it's here!
I got my iPad a few days back, it's nice. Apple is trying to change the way the web works through marketing this device. I think they might succeed. This thing can do about everything (well nearly) that you can imagine, but some things are easier on a conventional computer. It is a new platform, it's not a phone and it is not a pc, and it is not trying to be. When I saw touchscreen pc's like this a few years back on CeBit I knew they could get big but there was no software for it. I could not imagine it would get this big though.

I downloaded the CoPilot live GPS navigation app and it works, how cool is that? I have a MQP backpack with a detachable plastic map compartiment that I can strap on to my tankbag for my Trident.. I am suiting up now to try it (it rains), more later.

Update: Well it works...

Ron Finch

Some bike builders are renowned for thinking outside the box, Ron does not even know there is a box...

When I was a kid Ron's Triumph Trident powerd trike was on a poster in my room so a huge influence. Not so much Rons' bikes but his paint jobs are what realy got under my skin back then. Portrayed as a half demented freak in a biker buildoff a few years back made me pretty angry. Ron was and still is a genius, his style may be from another planet and not understood by everyone but he did not deserve that...

Ron still has that Trident trike..

Brat style the kings of cool

BratsyleBrat style is a cool old school style from japan, mostly mild chopped bikes with a distinctive character. These guys chop up cheaper bikes like Xs's or Kawa 650's and lately the occasional Harley. I guess they have a bigger budget now they have a big name worldwide.

I like it a lot when people think outside the standard bike brands and just build what they like.

VW Bus Ball

The good reverend BFG bougt some art, he sure has an eye for it. From, and here's some more big balls from the artist that made it.

Sugar Bear and Ben Hardy

In 1969 Sugar Bear got the bike bug and started building a 750 Honda chopper, and this build lead him to meeting and becoming a lifelong friend of Ben Hardy. Needing some help and advice on his build, Sugar Bear was around when his friend and mentor, Ben, designed and built the two most famous choppers in the world that were seen in the movie Easy Rider:

The Sears and Roebuck 10'' Atlas Lathe

Built in 6, 9, 10 and 12-inch versions, the mass-produced and inexpensive Atlas lathes were made by the Atlas Press Company, an organisation based originally in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA. Because they were built in such huge numbers, the most frequently encountered models today are the "10F", a power-cross feed version of the "10-D", and the useful little backgeared and screwcutting 6-inch machine (3-inch centre height).

I have this lathe for a while now after killing my smaller 1940's Craftsman. The Atlas is a bit bigger and stronger than the Craftsman, accuracy is better too. A very nice piece of machinery to have, without my lathe I would be nowhere and I can fix the Craftsman now...

Burt Munro

Burt from Invercargill New-Zealand became really famous after they made a movie about him with Anthony Hopkins. Burt has been an underground motorcycle hero before the movie and one of god like status at that. Find out who he is if you don't know yet... His 1967 land speed record still stands!

Ed Roth

When I was a little kid I had posters on my wall with cars and trikes that Ed built. This formed much of my easthetics at an early age, when I picked up the airbrush for the first time when I was fifteen the posters were still up. The megacycle (a bike hauling car)  was on one of those posters, is has recently been restored and sold, on the back it had a Triumph custom motorcyle that was not buit by Ed though but by a Larry Howard.

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